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Having a dog shouldn’t be stressful!

Start training now to bring peace and

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Online training

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact and do business. But just because we have to limit our face to face interactions, doesn’t mean we can’t help you train your dog. 

 Online, video training is the new way in dog training.

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In home training

Do you have a dog that drags you down the street?
Does your dog pull, bark and lunge at other dogs on a walk?
Would you like your dog to listen to you when you are out?
You aren’t alone. We can tailor a simple program to help your dog become better behaved.

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Greyhound training

Have you recently adopted a greyhound or are a new foster carer?
Are you unsure of how to best help your new hound settle into pet life?
Or is your hound needing some help with their reaction to other dogs?
With 10+ years of experience fostering and adopting hounds we can help you learn how to help your hound be the best they can be.

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Puppy training

Do you have a puppy that is biting too hard?
Are you struggling with toilet training, chewing, destruction?

We have classes in Cleveland and New Farm or an easy program for you to follow at home.

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Let’s get started!

Check out our services in the Redlands and Brisbane to find a training option that works for you


Before starting the Greyhound 101 Class it was really frustrating with Nina. I wasn’t sure how Nina would go in a group class but felt fairly confident as all other dogs were greyhounds.
The class has given us basic knowledge and skills that we can apply in many settings. The class was fun and enlightening.
At her worst it was taking 30 mins to get Nina to walk a block and come in the house. Now every morning taking Nina for her walk and she hardly freezes. Even walks nicely past other dogs!
Nina is great with her place training and much better on the lead. I’m so happy and proud of Nina. I’m also more confident in our ability to train her.

Rebecca & Nina

Stevie was very easily excited, had limited table manners and mostly good on lead but he had moments of being very difficult to control. We joined the Greyhound 101 Class and Sue has helped us enjoy having our hound in many different settings.
My parents loved the group classes – especially given they are kept so small. Now Stevie is a very calm hound now (still can get excited but in much more limited settings). It was a bit of work for us as well as Stevie but so worthwhile. We can now enjoy going to a coffee and Stevie just lay down on his rug instead of sticking his face on the table.

Lia & Stevie

Before classes Petrie wasn’t focused on me and during class I realised how smart Petrie is and that he could virtually do anything as long as there is a food reward!
I really enjoyed watching the other dog’s progress and watching the other owners feel proud of their dogs achievements and I loved the dynamic of being together with other people and their pets in a beautiful setting, early in the morning.
Sue has an innate knowledge of canine behavior and is very observant . Sue picked up on problems during the training sessions and quickly gave suggestions on how to fix them and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Selena & Petrie