Forever homes for all!

Fostering greyhounds is one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. Watching these hounds start their pet life shy and quiet and blossom into happy, confident dogs is amazing. Here are some of the wonderful hounds we helped find a forever home. 

 Adopted August 2019

Jack is one chilled hound! From day one he was quiet and well mannered. HIs favourite things are roaching, preferably on the couch, pats, long walks and food!

 He loves his adventure walks, having a chance to explore the bush tracks, in search of wallabies. He also loved his quiet time and preferred being the only hound in the house. 

He has found his perfect home with a lovely couple who will keep him in the life he is accustomed! We’ll miss you sweet guy. XO




Adopted October 2018

Snowy is a great guy who is fun and easy to train. He had been in foster care for over 12 months and was just waiting for the perfect family.

He brought so much joy and laughter to our home after the loss of our girl Special in April.

Snowy now lives with another greyhound called Floki and is loving life!


Adopted February 2017

Bud is a greyhound X who came to us after being shipped around from foster homes to kennels for a number of months. HIs luck changed when he became a foster hound with Gumtree Greys.

Bud was such a funny guy! He was more X than greyhound and loved playing fetch, going for runs and just goofing around.

He found his forever family on a hobby farm with 3 other greyhounds and now he spends his days helping in the home office and looking after abandoned lambs!



Adopted July 2017

Little Miss Trixie was the biggest success story when it came to foster hounds. When we first met her she did not want to come anywhere near people. She’d been in foster care for a number of months with no improvement in her fear of people so there was talk to medicating her.

Lucky for this little sweetheart she came to us first! All she needed was time and patience and some know how. 

Trixie is a naturally shy hound and her whole life she had been forced to interact with people, which meant her go to behaviour was to stay as far away from them as possible. So we made sure she had food, water and shelter and let her be. 

Within the first week she was choosing to come inside the house with the rest of the family, but remained cautious of our movements. Allowing Trixie to make the choice was the key and she grew from strength to strength.

By the time Trixie was adopted she was happily coming to us for cuddles and choosing to say hello to any guests that came to out home.

She is now living happily with 3 other little dogs and two humans.



Adopted April 2016

Zoe was a beautiful, young go getter! She loved her squeaky toys and hanging out with people.

She seemed to have boundless energy and a zest for playing that made you smile everyday. Our nickname for her was Crazy Girl!

Everyone that met her loved her and it didn’t take long for her to find her forever home with another greyhound, a big boy named Boof who she bossed around! But for them it was love at first sight.





Adopted May 2013 to us!

She really suited her name! Special came to us as a foster but we couldn’t let her go.

She was 7, had had a number of litters so was very ready for the comfy pet life and she walked into our home like she knew exactly what to do!

Of all the hounds that have been through our home, she was the one that settled the fastest. And she slotted in perfectly with our guy Kyle.

She kept us laughing daily with her antics and we miss her terribly. She passed away in May 2018 at the age of 12.



Adopted February 2013

Shirley was such a smoocher!! This girl could not get enough cuddles from people and if she could, she’d sit on your lap!

When we’d go for a visit to the vet or pet shop she always managed to pick a toy off the shelf without us seeing! And yes she did get to take some of them home. 

She found her forever family with a lovely couple who spoil her rotten and love her to bits!







Adopted May 2012

Saddle was our first foster and we got lucky! He was such an easy hound who just went along with the flow!

He got his name because his black markings looked like a saddle. He came camping with us a number of times and as long as he had a soft place to sleep he was happy.

He loved water and would often go crazy in the kids clamshell pool we had! Seeing him splash around made us all laugh.

He found his forever family with a lovely couple that worked from home and had grandkids over often. He LOVES the grandkids and follows them around from room to room, just hanging out.