Greyhound pet sitting

We are fully booked from 23 December until 31 January 2021. Spots are filling fast for Easter and Anzac Day.

Comfy home care

I don’t want to leave my greyhound in a kennel

Neither do we! When we go away our greyhounds stay in someone’s home so why not let us look after your greyhound in our home?

We offer care that is above and beyond the usual pet sitter because we are experienced greyhound owners and your hound will be looked after by a professional dog trainer.

No need to worry about detailing all the quirks of this lovely breed and spend your holiday wondering if they are ok. Take comfort knowing they are with people who know the dos and don’ts!

 My greyhound likes to sleep inside at night

That’s ok because so do ours. Our guests can choose to sleep either inside or out and they have full access 24/7 when we are home. 

When we are out, all hounds have outside time with a good sized yard to play in and many comfy beds to choose from.

Note: Unfortunately we are unable to provide care to hounds who suffer separation anxiety and can’t be left home alone. If your hound can be left with other dogs then we can accommodate.


Will my greyhound get their usual walks?

Yes and no! We will walk your hound as much as you usually walk them to keep them in their routine.

But their walks won’t be their usual! They will be different and stimulating! We have wonderful bush setting walking tracks a stones throw from home. Your hound will have the opportunity to play spot the wallaby, discover new smells and new places to see.

Your hound will be kept busy with new paths to explore almost every walk. We like exploring as much as our hounds!

All our home stays include walking as part of the package.

My greyhound doesn’t like other dogs

Not to worry we only have greyhounds staying here! 

We can time walks to avoid peak times when there are lots of dogs out and about if that means your hound will have a nicer walk.

If you are having trouble walking your hound, ask us about adding training sessions to your hound’s stay. 

Walking adventures

What to bring

My hound is pretty fussy with food

That’s ok! We know that a change in environment and a change in food can upset their tummy so we ask that you supply your hound’s regular food.

They may get some extra special treats like bone broth or frozen peanut butter & yoghurt blocks if they are allowed! However in general we find they stress less if kept on their food.

We also ask that you bring:

  • either a blanket or their favourite toy to have something that smells like home
  • in winter their coat
  • collar/ harness and lead

We provide:

  • food bowls
  • beds and blankets
  • toys
  • all the love they would get at home

Only the best for you and your hound

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