Personalised programs

Don’t have time to attend group classes?

Our in home training helps you get

results at a time that suits you.


What We Do

We offer private dog training in the Redlands area servicing all suburbs including Thornlands, Capalaba, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Birkdale and more.

If you have a dog that barks and lunges on lead, if you are bringing home a new puppy or have a rescue dog that needs basic manners, we have a program to suit your needs.

One on one training in your home is the fastest way to see results and start living a stress free life with your dog.

Free phone consult

Not sure if dog training will work or you or what is involved in training?

We provide a free phone consultation to begin to understand your current situation with your dog.

We will provide you with guidance on how to get started in training and the training that may best suit you.

Getting help is just one click away. Get in touch now to book your free phone consultation.

Introductory lesson

This lesson is the first one in your home where we assess your dog and get straight into training.

We will tailor and recommend any further training you and your dog need the most.

This initial lesson is in your home, at a time that suits you and goes for approximately an hour and a half.

This lesson will help you see the potential of your dog and how training can change their behaviour.


Puppy training

Not able to find a puppy preschool that suits you?

Are you having trouble with toilet training, biting and destruction even after attending puppy school?

Puppy raising issues will be solved and prevented in your home with one on one guidance to ensure you have a well mannerd pup.

Our in home puppy training is the perfect way to set your puppy up for success from the beginning and make this precious time with your puppy fun and simple.

More info

Problem behaviours

Are you embarrassed to walk your neighbourhood with your dog because you feel like you have the worst behaved dog around?

Are you feeling frustrated by your dog’s behaviour but not sure what to do to fix it?

Our personalised programs are here to transform your dog into a well mannered companion. We will make sure walking your dog is a pleasure, not a chore and they listen to you even with distraction around.

You don’t have to have the worst behaved dog in the neighbourhood!

It’s much easier to provide you more information about how we can help you via phone so please book a time for us to call you.

Fearful behaviours

Do you have a dog that is scared of new people?

Are they scared to go to the vet or to new places?

Afraid of the vacuum clearner or other household appliances?

Having a dog that is fearful of things or new situations can make it difficult to include them in your everyday life but did you know there are some simple things you can do to build their confidence?

We can show you how to build confidence in your dog so you can have a happy hound who is confident to go places with you and have a walking buddy that enjoys your time together as much as you do.

It’s much easier to provide you more information about how we can help you via phone so please book a time for us to call you.

New rescue dog

Have you just adopted your first rescue dog and need help getting them settled?

Is your rescue dog toileting in the house instead of outside?

Do they seem unsettled and nervous?

Deciding to adopt a dog from a shelter is a wonderful thing that makes us feel good giving a dog a second chance.

Bringing a new dog home, even though exciting for us can be daunting for them. Knowing how to integrate them into your home and life can be tricky.

With years of experience fostering dogs and getting them ready for a new home we are experts in helping dogs feel confident and happy in their home faster.

It’s much easier to provide you more information about how we can help you via phone so please book a time for us to call you.

Let’s Work Together!

Don’t wait another minute to start training and bring the peace, fun and love back to your relationship with your dog.