Life skills group training class

Our life skills class has been developed to teach your dog how to be polite and well mannered through play and motivation.


Suitable for all dogs from 4 months of age.

5 week course

What you will learn:

  • how dogs learn
  • what motivates your dog (play or food)
  • how rewards work in training
  • how to clearly communicate with your dog
  • how to play with your dog
  • loose lead walking
  • sit stay
  • drop stay
  • focus/look
  • leave it
  • intro to recall
  • place/mat training
  • how to be calm around other dogs

Course will run for 5 consecutive weeks (no make up lessons if you miss a week)
Start time is 6.30pm
Tuesday evenings at Capalaba Regional Park
Cost $175

There is a limit of 10 spots per class


Location: Capalaba
Day: Tuesday
Time: 6.30pm
    Before class Floki was pretty good, but he wasn’t overly focussed on us. During the Greyhound 101 Class we improved our understanding of, and communication with, Flóki. Learning what drives him and how he thinks has been the key to us being better owners and him being better behaved. And being in a class just for greyhounds was helpful, we saw that we were going through the same stuff as everyone else.
    Sue helped us improve our understanding of rescue greyhounds. Knowing where they’ve come from is crucial to having a happy life with them. I’d highly recommend Sue!
    Ben & Floki

    I first did the Movie Star class with Cody and then came back with my new pup Harper to do Young Dogs course!
    Cody is a little anxious and I liked that personal space and respect is emphasised. It made me feel much better with Cody being anxious and with Harper as an impressionable puppy.
    I love that we can go at our own pace and receive personalised advice. I really like that we had our own designated spaces to listen and train, and I like that Sue comes around to check in on us individually
    I loved it when Cody was excited to go back each week! And Harper was still calm at the end of her first class.
    Sue has helped us immensely! From working with my anxious dog in public spaces to understanding how my dogs played together at home. I would highly recommend her.
    Hannah, Cody & Harper

    We attended Fellowship of the Paws Movie Star Classes and to start Max was not a very enthusiastic learner. He was not excited about training and a his worst Max would turn and walk away.
    Max and I have learnt a lot from the class he now gets excited and loves training, now he is focused and happy to learn new things. And I am now able to make my training fun and exciting.
    I would recommend Fellowship of the Paws to my friends and family.
    Jill & Max

    Let’s get started!

    Don’t wait another minute to start training and bring the peace, fun and love back to your relationship with your dog.