Before class Floki was pretty good, but he wasn’t overly focussed on us. During the Greyhound 101 Class we improved our understanding of, and communication with, Flóki. Learning what drives him and how he thinks has been the key to us being better owners and him being better behaved. And being in a class just for greyhounds was helpful, we saw that we were going through the same stuff as everyone else.
Sue helped us improve our understanding of rescue greyhounds. Knowing where they’ve come from is crucial to having a happy life with them. I’d highly recommend Sue!

Ben & Floki

Stevie was very easily excited, had limited table manners and mostly good on lead but he had moments of being very difficult to control. We joined the Greyhound 101 Class and Sue has helped us enjoy having our hound in many different settings.
My parents loved the group classes – especially given they are kept so small. Now Stevie is a very calm hound now (still can get excited but in much more limited settings). It was a bit of work for us as well as Stevie but so worthwhile. We can now enjoy going to a coffee and Stevie just lay down on his rug instead of sticking his face on the table.

Lia & Stevie

Before training Scruffy had basic obedience and Movie Star Classes has given me more ideas on training. The class looked like a fun way to spend time with Scruffy and meet other people and their dogs. Sue showed us ways to train if one way doesn’t work and not once did I feel like I was doing the wrong thing or Scruffy was a lost cause!
Movie Star Classes have shown me training doesn’t have to be just obedience and fun training makes for a happy dog. I felt really encouraged to try other training and tricks with Scruffy and just have fun with him. I would definitely recommend the Movie Star classes to anyone..

Kerry & Scruffy

I didn’t have the tools to deal with certain behaviours and joined the Movie Star class. It was a lot of fun, more than I thought it would be. I learnt that my dog is a really quick learner… but I need some work! Sue is always willing to give you extra help where you need it. Above and beyond what you have paid for.
It was a lot of fun, more than I thought it would be. It was amazing and I felt a certain amount of relief as I can use this training in different environments.
I would not hesitate to call Sue again because she doesn’t give up on you. If one thing does not work she gives you more options.

Gina & Willow

Before training Cooper was a bit unruly in general. I joined Movie Star Class because I thought helping cooper and I to bond more closely would be helpful. I thought the class was awesome! It helped with more structure in coopers life and helpful hints on training. We now have a closer bond and I have more confidence.
Sue is a awesome trainer and would highly recommend, she knows her stuff.

Marion & Cooper

We hadn’t done any training work with Pearl before and joined the Movie Star class. My daughter Cleo took Pearl to class and she loved it! Sue was great, encouraging with Cleo and flexible with Pearl. Pearl worked hard and was happy to practice at home.
It gave us a greater understanding of how greys can be trained. We were really proud of Cleo for her dedication. Cleo looked forward to every training session and keen to show results each week.
It was a great course. We’d definitely consider doing another one.

Kirsty, Cleo & Pearl

Boston although had his basic training down pat, struggled to understand the next step in trick training which frustrated me and therefore Boston.
In the beginning I struggled to remember and find time for single at home sessions, so when Sue offered weekly class lessons it was much easier to work with. The only hesitation after that was price but once I had a look at the market it was a great deal for a 5 week course ! Loved it!
Classes were fun, social and educational. It was great to get such an awesome response from Boston! Sue helped us get over those frustrating speed humps and showed us what training style Boston really responds to. I found that I was very eager to teach Boston new tricks but after these classes I learnt I was moving too quickly which led to Boston and I getting frustrated with each other. Now we can learn new tricks at home with each other that are fun, exciting and a great bonding experience.
Boston learnt some awesome new tricks while having a great time in classes ! It was a massive sense of pride/accomplishment and joy to know that Boston could continue learning new tricks whilst enjoying the experience.
I’d highly recommend the Movie Star classes!

Gracie & Boston

We attended Puppy Class with Fellowship of the Paws and the 2 standouts for me were the opportunity for early socialisation and the outcomes of the class. My wife and I, like most people, are extremely busy and the classroom structure meant we had a great opportunity to socialise our puppy with other dogs his age every week and they all got along really well. It also meant we had to dedicate that time each week to training, we couldn’t put it off because “something came up” etc and it really paid off. He’s over 40kgs now and still growing, it’s necessary he’s manageable and he really is.
Would you recommend Fellowship of the Paws to your friends and family? Absolutely! I thought the pace of the lessons was really good, it kept everyone engaged without being rushed. Sue’s a fantastic natural teacher, she communicates well and controls the lessons really well. I would definitely recommend Fellowship of the Paws to anyone seeking puppy training.
Ian & Boofa

Before we started training with Sue I didn’t want to walk Misty as she pulled constantly, was hard to control due to her reactions to other dogs. I wasn’t sure how effective the training would be as Misty’s problems were quite extreme. There were times when Misty reacted to a dog and someone came out of their house wondering what was happening due to the noise Misty was making.
After the training program I am now able to walk Misty with 90% of the walk being enjoyable! I now have the ability to take Misty for a walk without too much pulling; her reaction to other dogs isn’t as severe as it was and she calms down quicker after any episodes.
I’ve had more very enjoyable walks with Misty – one yesterday where she was good the whole way, we were nearly home and there was a dog – she only briefly reacted to it and we then carried on home – she was so good.
I’m feeling much less stressed when walking Misty too.
I would recommend Fellowship of the Paws to others.

Joanne & Misty

Buddy and I attended Fellowship of the Paws puppy class and I liked it because it was a small class an it was a great way for the pups to get some social skills as well as the training. I was really happy with puppy school. We learnt some neat tricks and tips for looking after our pups.
I’d recommend Fellowship of the Paws to my friends and family.

Scott & Buddy

“We attended Fellowship of the Paws Movie Star Classes and to start Max was not a very enthusiastic learner. He was not excited about training and a his worst Max would turn and walk away.
Max and I have learnt a lot from the class he now gets excited and loves training, now he is focused and happy to learn new things. And I am now able to make my training fun and exciting.
I would recommend Fellowship of the Paws to my friends and family.”
Jill & Max

I started Puppy training the first week we bought Ruby home at 8 weeks. Sue showed me that to get the right outcome from my dog I need to be consistent but gentle.
In class we learnt basic commands and 101 advice on owning a puppy. I was very proud of myself and Ruby when she learnt something new.
Sue has a genuine love of dogs and what she does.

Kirra & Ruby

Before training, every walk was stressful if we came across another dog. Poppy was dragging me as she lunged at another dog.
I learned how to better able to read her reactions and take appropriate action. I could distract her with food and reward which stopped her from becoming too anxious.
Training was tough at times but worth it. Walks are now less stressful and more enjoyable for all of us because we are able to walk past most dogs with some distance between us without reacting.
Wish we had done training much earlier!
I would absolutely recommend Sue to train your dog.

Michelle & Poppy

Before training we were afraid that Jess would bite someone and put herself at risk of either being returned or put down. Our worst day was the day Jess bit my mother in law!
Sue helped us help Jess settle in and belong and I knew from our previous experience that Sue would accommodate Jess’s needs.
We did in home training and later did the Greyhound 101 Class.
It was a lot of fun and gave us a chance to cement the previous training.
I was proud of Jess learning new skills and tricks. Jess got the hang of spin and also “with me” which has been good
in dog parks
Since training, every day Jess is calm and obeys commands when people come in the house
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sue. She taught us how to read Jess’s feelings and as a result, how to give Jess what she needed.
I would recommend Fellowship of the Paws to my friends and family.”
Nicola & Jess

Before starting the Greyhound 101 Class it was really frustrating with Nina. I wasn’t sure how Nina would go in a group class but felt fairly confident as all other dogs were greyhounds.
The class has given us basic knowledge and skills that we can apply in many settings. The class was fun and enlightening.
At her worst it was taking 30 mins to get Nina to walk a block and come in the house. Now every morning taking Nina for her walk and she hardly freezes. Even walks nicely past other dogs!
Nina is great with her place training and much better on the lead. I’m so happy and proud of Nina. I’m also more confident in our ability to train her.

Rebecca & Nina

Before classes Petrie wasn’t focused on me and during class I realised how smart Petrie is and that he could virtually do anything as long as there is a food reward!
I really enjoyed watching the other dog’s progress and watching the other owners feel proud of their dogs achievements and I loved the dynamic of being together with other people and their pets in a beautiful setting, early in the morning.
Sue has an innate knowledge of canine behavior and is very observant . Sue picked up on problems during the training sessions and quickly gave suggestions on how to fix them and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Selena & Petrie

Before puppy training Sally didn’t follow directions!
Sue was able to give us strategies for training Sally.
The group class was very positive and Sally enjoyed socialising with the other dogs.
Now Sally is much more obedient and is able to follow commands.
Matthew & Sally

I first did the Movie Star class with Cody and then came back with my new pup Harper to do Young Dogs course!
Cody is a little anxious and I liked that personal space and respect is emphasised. It made me feel much better with Cody being anxious and with Harper as an impressionable puppy.
I love that we can go at our own pace and receive personalised advice. I really like that we had our own designated spaces to listen and train, and I like that Sue comes around to check in on us individually
I loved it when Cody was excited to go back each week! And Harper was still calm at the end of her first class.
Sue has helped us immensely! From working with my anxious dog in public spaces to understanding how my dogs played together at home. I would highly recommend her.

Hannah, Cody & Harper