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 Corns are becoming very common in greyhounds and it can be crippling for them.

Finding a boot that fits is tough! We can’t tell you how many we tried before finding Therapaws.

We are proud to partner with Therapaws to stock their boots here in Brisbane. 


There are many sizes in the boots so getting an accurate measurement is important.

Before placing an order, please complete the sizing process below.

We are located in Thornlands, Brisbane and can arrange a time for trying on and pick up if needed.

If you would like to arrange a full fitting (where we do the measuring) there will be a small fee involved.  



Just like our shoes, getting the size right for the Therapaw boots is important.

Too big and they will fall off, too small and they will be uncomfortable.

Here is an easy, visual guide on how to measure your hound’s feet.

Pick your size

There are two very common sized boots that we stock. (T/D and T/E) 

If you need a different size please get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Order or Enquiry

We are in the process of creating our online store for easy checkout.

Until then, please send your order through the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

We will be in touch with payment details as soon as we can.

Before placing your order, please ensure you have properly measured your hounds feet and read our returns policy