About Us

We are a small dog training business in Redlands, Qld that are committed to making people and dogs lives better. We are all about having a positive and fun relationship with your dog.

Our Story

Sue is the founder of and trainer at Fellowship of the Paws. She completed her Certificate III in Dog Training and Behaviour through National Dog Trainers Federation in 2015 and has been working with dogs and their families since.

Sue has owned and fostered greyhounds for 9+ years, with her first hounds being Kyle and Special. Both Kyle and Special have now crossed over the rainbow bridge and she has welcomed a new hound into her home. A puppy named Ash.

Sue specialises in helping new greyhound owners and foster carers make this big change as easy and smooth as possible for both hound and human.  

The reason Sue started dog training was because one of her own dogs (Special) was reactive on lead and she didn’t know what to do. She felt embarressed and stressed every time she would take Special out.

Sue understands first hand what it’s like to have a difficult dog and this hands on experience gives her an ability to empathise with others in this situation and not only teach people how to change their dog’s behaviour, but how to become the confident leader their dog needs.

Sue is always continuing her learning and has attended many dog training workshops to further her skills and knowledge.

Barefoot dog trainer 2015 + 2016

Another amazing international dog trainer Josh Moran from BFK9 Training came down under twice! His Dogmanship and Socialisation seminars opened my eyes to new ways of training reactive dogs.

He taught us how to utilise pressure and release on the lead. This technique allows the dog to figure out how to remove the pressure which encourages loose lead walking.

He also taught us about “faith in handler” which allows our dog to feel confident that we will protect them in difficult situations.

I was lucky enough to have a one on one session with Josh. He helped me help my foster dog Trixie to become more confident in her world.

Canine Carnival – 2017

The Canine Carnival workshop was brought to us by Scott McGuinness of Canine Connect in Adelaide.

Scott taught us about trick training classes and how they can benefit both dog and handler.

This was such a fun workshop and from this came my trick training classes.

Having a reactive dog can make attending group classes difficult. But trick training can teach your dog to relax around other dogs by giving them something else to focus on….you!

Dog training conversations tour of Australia – 2018

We were lucky enough to have two amazing trainers from the USA come and hold a workshop. Jay Jack (right) of Next Level Dogs taught us how a simple game of tug can teach your dog multiple skills. He showed us how to understand a dog’s play style to utilise this in their training.

Chad Makin (left) of Pack to Basics has a wealth of knowledge in the pet dog industry. He taught us how to better teach leash manners with simple and soft methods. He showed us how game play can be utilised for desensitisation.

This weekend workshop left my brain filled to the brim with new information and tools to help my clients.


What we do

We offer private dog training and group classes in the Redlands area servicing all suburbs including Thornlands, Capalaba, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Birkdale and more.

If you have a dog that barks and lunges on lead, if you are bringing home a new puppy or have a rescue dog that needs basic manners, we have a program or class to suit your needs.

We specialise in pet greyhounds and transitioning them from kennel to couch. We have had more than 8 years experience fostering, adopting and training these magnificent hounds.

Meet The Team

Our team here are our dogs! Without them Fellowship of the Paws would not exist today.



January 2006 – May 2019 

Kyle was my first dog as an adult! When I moved into my own home I knew I wanted a dog so started researching breeds. I didn’t want a puppy, I wanted to adopt so completed a few online surveys and they all kept leading me to greyhounds.

I’d never thought about a greyhound as a pet before so decided to go and meet them and next thing I knew Kyle was coming to live with me. I was hooked!

He is my bomb proof dog. Kyle has been at greyhound promos at the Ekka with 10 kids surrounding him, people and noise everywhere, sleeping through it all.

He is my superstar gentleman. I could not have asked for a better first greyhound.

Run free over the rainbow bridge Kman. xo



February 2006 - April 2018

Yes that is her name! Special was rehomed at the ripe old age of 7, came to our home as a foster and she never left.

She is the reason I became a dog trainer. Special was an anxious and reactive hound and I did not have the skills to manage it so I sought the help of a trainer. As I learnt about her behaviour I found my love of dog training.

She was a unique and funny hound who keept me entertained with her crazy ways and enthusiasm to learn. At the age of 9 she learnt how to switch on a touch light! You can teach an old dog new tricks.

Run free over the rainbow bridge our sweet Speshy girl. xo



November 2018

Ash was adopted through Friends of the Hound when he was 5 months old. He is our first puppy so lots of learning for all of us!

He is the funiest, sweetest little guy who keeps us on our toes everyday.

He is learning his job as group class demonstrator and one on one dog distraction and loving it! Check out our facebook page to see his adventures and watch him grow.

Check out our previous foster hounds here


Before training Cooper was a bit unruly in general. I joined Movie Star Class because I thought helping cooper and I to bond more closely would be helpful. I thought the class was awesome! It helped with more structure in coopers life and helpful hints on training. We now have a closer bond and I have more confidence.
Sue is a awesome trainer and would highly recommend, she knows her stuff.

Marion & Cooper

Before training, every walk was stressful if we came across another dog. Poppy was dragging me as she lunged at another dog.
I learned how to better able to read her reactions and take appropriate action. I could distract her with food and reward which stopped her from becoming too anxious.
Training was tough at times but worth it. Walks are now less stressful and more enjoyable for all of us because we are able to walk past most dogs with some distance between us without reacting.
Wish we had done training much earlier!
I would absolutely recommend Sue to train your dog.

Michelle & Poppy

I started Puppy training the first week we bought Ruby home at 8 weeks. Sue showed me that to get the right outcome from my dog I need to be consistent but gentle.
In class we learnt basic commands and 101 advice on owning a puppy. I was very proud of myself and Ruby when she learnt something new.
Sue has a genuine love of dogs and what she does.

Kirra & Ruby

Let’s Work Together!

Don’t wait another minute to start training and bring the peace, fun and love back to your relationship with your dog.