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We offer a number of different training options in the Redlands and Brisbane to suit your needs from in home training to group classes. For more information on any of our services call or send us a message.

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Puppy training

Do you have a new puppy or are about to bring home a new puppy?

When training a puppy, we lay the foundation for the remainder of their life. We help determine their view of the world and develop skills to interact with both humans and other dogs.

Training a puppy is more than just teaching sit or drop or walking on a lead, it is the time to prevent behaviour problems and establish a strong bond with their owner.

Our puppy training teaches you how to look after your puppy both physically and mentally to ensure a well-rounded and happy dog. We give you the required knowledge and skills to be a responsible pet owner in your own home.

Private lessons are done in your home at a time that suits you and your family. You get one on one attention and is the fastest and easiest way to see results.

The first step is to book an initial consultation where we come to your home, assess your dog and get you started on your training journey. This lesson runs for an hour and a half and ends with some training tips and a personalised training program.

In home training

Greyhound pet sitting

We specialise in all things greyhound and know how nerve racking it is to leave them when you go away. Let us take the worry out of your holiday and let us look after your hound as if they were our own.

Your hound will be in the house with us and be kept to your routine.
Click here for more information about greyhound pet sitting in Thornlands.

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Don’t wait another minute to start training and bring the peace, fun and love back to your relationship with your dog.